How We Help

Helping sick children with rare genetic diseases to receive the genetic testing they need and in turn to receive the correct medical diagnosis and personalized treatment is a collaborative process.

The Help Undiagnosed Children Foundation (HUCF) builds alliances with children’s hospitals and collaborates with their doctors who have pediatric patients in dire need of HUCF, because their sick patient’s family cannot pay for the necessary genetic testing. Collaborating closely with the doctors and hospital staff,  Dr. Wenhui Laura Li,  HUCF Founder, evaluates the sick child’s genetic testing needs and HUCF evaluates the family’s financial need. HUCF than coordinates with the hospital staff and the patient’s family for the specific genetic testing to be done by a certified testing laboratory at no cost to the patient’s family. Once the testing results are available, Dr. Li reviews those results with the patient’s doctor(s) who then arrive at a medical diagnosis and a more targeted treatment plan to relieve the young patient’s suffering and to give them the best quality of life.

The continual challenge for the Help Undiagnosed Children Foundation is to set up ongoing strategic alliances with children’s hospitals in different cities to reach the greatest number of pediatric patients (up to age 21) as possible

HUCF also evaluates other hospitals and organizations as potential strategic partners to help find ailing children who could truly receive help from the genetic testing support provided by HUCF.


If you know of suffering children whom we might be able to help, so we may reach out to their families or have them reach out to us, please let us know.