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There are millions of children in the United States who need help to relieve their suffering and family anguish from undiagnosed rare genetic diseases.

Now with the Help Undiagnosed Children Foundation (HUCF) those life changing medical diagnoses are closer than ever for suffering children in financial need through innovative genetic testing. So these children and their families can look ahead to the best possible futures. 

Our reason for being is to help as many of these children as possible by paying for the genetic testing they need when their families cannot afford it so they can obtain the correct medical diagnosis and personalized treatment they deserve. 

Support Our Efforts

so that we can pay for more and more genetic tests for those ailing children in family hardship. Support our ongoing efforts to reach out and find these afflicted children so that we may help them.


If you know of an organization that we may be able to partner with to reach more children, please let us know.